Blinds Motorization

Somfy motors can be installed on all types of interior window coverings: roller blinds, vision, visage, Venetian or Roman blinds and draperies.

Why should you consider motorized blinds?

Life is Motion!

Somfy motors can be installed on all types of interior window coverings:

roller shades, Venetian or Roman blinds and draperies.

No more cables or strings that get tangled up! With just one click you can open or close your blind with perfect positioning and alignment. Somfy motors are also ideal for large windows, high-up or hard to reach shades!

Wired Solutions

Designed for acoustic comfort, designed for success. The Sonesse motorization system is designed to deliver quiet operation for customised shade performance. Sonesse will ensure that your furniture is protected from over-exposure to damaging UV rays. Program your space to respond to your needs with the touch of a button.

These motors require 220v power as well as plug points available at each window. Our Sonesse motors carry the Somfy “designed for silence” stamp because we understand that silence promotes well-being. Allow us to turn your home into a self-functioning sanctuary.

Wire-free Solutions

Somfy’s Wirefree system takes convenience to a whole new level. Blind motorization has never been easier to operate and maintain. Embedded LED lights ease programming and indicate when the battery level is low. The system operates via lithium-ion batteries, or cells that are solar powered or electrically charged, reducing overall costs, minimising maintenance and eliminating the need to install and replace batteries. Fully customisable for blinds. It’s time to give your home a smart upgrade.

Our latest addition – the Sonesse 30 Wirefree motor now boasts the same silent power as our wired solutions, while ensuring a completely wireless installation.

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