Lighting makes a big impact on the way you feel, and the ambience that is created in your space. With Somfy, you can have complete control of your lighting and the mood it creates. Having guests over? Set the mood for an ambient dinner. Entertaining outdoors? Switch on the lights to create an open-air focal feature. With Somfy, it’s all made possible with the touch of a button.


  • Comfort of use & adaptability to the needs
    • Use the patio longer
    • In one click, come back to “my” favorite lighting position. Can be easily modified from the remote control
    • Light can be easily controlled from different locations (with several RTS controls)
  • Create your evening ambiance
    • Put your terrace in light to enjoy your patio by night
    • Modulate light 0 to 100% for different ambiances
    • Orientating light (ramp/spots)
  • Home harmony
    • Aluminium ramp for good integration on your façade
    • Chrome-finish spot
    • Full integrated light system (RTS built-in product)
  • Consumption reduction
    • Reduce consumption with prerecorded 50% “my” position