Commercial & Corporate

We’re spending most of our time indoors. How do we ensure the well-being of our people whilst allowing for cost saving and financial efficiency?

Our range of shades combine cost savings through energy efficiency with physiological well being, creating all-round benefits for organizations.

Your office should be conducive to work, but also a degree of comfort. It should be a welcoming space that you’ll enjoy spending the majority of your time in. Choose from our wide range to create the ideal working environment and to give you full control of the light filtration into your space.

Picture Perfect Interior Solutions draws on almost two decades of experience to assist you in styling your ideal work space. What every room needs is the perfect balance between function and form. PPI Solutions is equipped with the expertise and resources to strike that balance in a way that caters to your company’s unique needs and preferences.

Our all-purpose product range includes all window coverings from blinds and curtains, to shutters and outdoor blinds. These products, supplied by industry leader, Blind Designs can be fully integrated with an automation system. Allow us to make your space smarter, more efficient and comfortable.


Why our shades?

  • Sustainable
  • Green
  • Energy saving
  • Economical
  • Studies have shown that the correct shades result in the increase of productivity, memory and well-being in workers.
  • Anti-Allergen fabrics available
  • Antimicrobial fabrics available
  • Fire retardant fabrics available
  • Corona Safe
  • Ensure comfort and privacy
  • Seamless integration into automation systems
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean

Our shades are the perfect combination of comfort, convenience and aesthetics, allowing just enough natural light while reducing glare to optimise productivity, efficiency and happiness.

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