Perfect Fit Blinds

Louvolite Perfect Fit® Blinds will change the way you think about privacy, light filtration and energy usage in your interior space. They do not require drilling or screws during installation, making them ideal for use in rental apartments and spaces in which you would prefer not to damage the surrounding walls.

These blinds are simply installed onto the window and provide a snug fit, allowing you to completely blackout your space when necessary. No loose cords or loops are used in their design, making them child-safe and clutter-free.

Perfect Fit® Cellular Blinds are hexagonally structured, forming a thermal barrier between the room and the window to provide for better insulation than conventional blinds. Their innovative design and fabric technology provides a high level of energy-efficiency. Choose from a wide range of colours to suit your design preferences.


Why our Perfect Fit blinds?

  • High quality
  • Neat, no-drilling installation
  • Hassle-free when opening and closing windows or doors
  • Provide additional thermal insulation
  • Provide additional sound absorbency
  • Clean, neat and sleek look
  • Modern
  • Available in custom fabrics and colours
  • Perfect for skylights

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